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Welcome to CeramiBoard®.

CeramiBoard® is a revolutionary corrugated cardboard building product with excellent:

  • Fire resistance
  • Acoustic properties 
  • Thermal properties
  • Mechanical strength
  • Fixing capabilities
  • Cost Competitiveness
  • Environmental Qualities

CeramiBoard® has a variety of uses including:

  • Fire rated walls
  • Fire resistant ducts
  • Super strong cardboard boxes
  • General purpose wall panels

Corrugated cardboard possesses many features that are desirable in a building material such as light-weightness, stiffness and thermal insulation value at low cost. Preventing the widespread use of cardboard as a building material have been deficiencies in three areas, namely:

  • strength
  • fire resistance
  • sound transmission.

CeramiBoard® addresses these concerns, in that it has good strength, fire resistance and sound transmission qualities. These attributes are sufficient to allow significant penetration of the huge world market for internal walls, especially those between residential  units where minimum fire and sound performance is mandatory.

The product can be encapsulated in a tough plastic film to provide water resistance required for external use. Such technology already exists, having been developed by major cardboard producers in Europe.

In addition to panels for housing, CeramiBoard® can also be used to upgrade the technical properties of cardboard to allow use in areas where it could not otherwise be specified. An example in this regard are electrical cable trays, which benefit from the low electrical conductivity, high heat resistance and thermal barrier effect provided by CeramiBoard®, compared to standard steel trays. Even in the traditional area of use for corrugated cardboard i.e. boxes for packaging, the CeramiBoard® process can produce boxes that are almost indestructible, giving a much longer service life from each box, as well as better protection.

In conclusion, judging from the positive test results obtained by independent institutions, and overseas and local interest in the concept of using cardboard as a building material, it is reasonable to expect a commercially successful future for CeramiBoard®, the recycleable cardboard building product with excellent fire resistance sound proofing, thermal and environmental qualities.

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